artistic westside bungalow
West Los Angeles

A Californian Bungalow surrounded by old trees and greenery.

This jewel box house throws all the rules out of the window. Here we paired a bold, dark and moody primary bedroom suite with a light and bright guest bathroom and ultra feminine guest bedroom / office. 

This bungalow underwent extensive renovations on two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The original rooms were tight and had a less-than-ideal layout. Most problematically, the house was lacking in storage and the bathrooms were outdated. We reconfigured these rooms to maximize the use of the precious square footage, while optimizing the spaces for the clients and what they wanted to use the project for. 


The homeowners had lived at this property for a few years and felt the size of the house, the layout and the lack of storage was no longer ideal and so they decided to upsize. However, once they started to look for a new home, they realized that instead of moving, they would really prefer to give this current house a makeover.

Design Brief:

The homeowners really wanted the cozy feel of a lush, moody destination boutique hotel in the primary suite and a serene and peaceful guest bathroom.

The primary bathroom required very detailed tilework and layout. We adapted a dresser and turned it into a vanity by encasing it in with the built in countertop stone, which runs all the way through to the shower. 

The towel niche shape echoes the shape of the mirror and the niche hides the electrical outlets so as to reduce countertop clutter.

The guest bathroom vanity is encased in a waterproof, resin infused wood panel that keeps sustainability and durability in mind. We also installed warm dimming LED strips behind the mirror so that the client can apply makeup under different lighting settings. This bathroom is quite small, and so to accommodate the client’s toiletries and makeup, we created custom drawers to optimize the storage space and ease of use of the vanity drawers. We created a wall niche behind the door to allow for bulky bathrobes. 

In the primary bedroom, we sealed up an exterior wall, replaced a window and installed a custom designed closet spanning the entire length of the room. We applied a textured grasscloth wallpaper on the door panels and we used a print wallpaper on the upper half of the walls in combination with different sheen paints on and below the chair rail moldings.

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